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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

play | rad things not mad things

Monday, November 24, 2014

^ photo of a journal from last year. Haven't journaled since. 

I haven't shut my computer down in two weeks. I've drafted a bunch of blogposts. My unread txts are in double digits. I have 20 tabs open on just this chrome window. I 'cleaned' my room last night meaning I shoved all my unfolded clothes into my already packed wardrobe.  I'm trying really hard to be ok and less worried about things. I'm an unorganised mess. But for the most part happy. In a bid to clear my mind and computer today I wanted to share some links to rad things. Check it (If you want. I don't own you).


Sunday, November 23, 2014

^ photo of a music video I worked on a couple weeks back (I've stopped taking photos lately so no relevant ones to share)

 I haven't blogged much this week obviously. I've been run off my feet busy and finally had a day off yesterday (first day off since the start of this month). I've also been an utter worry wort and should stop that. Well, I'm trying to anyway. Today I spent the day in the sun proudly proclaiming that I don't burn. Turns out I do. And I can only hope that tomorrow the redness has turned to a tan. I didn't do anything I wanted to do this weekend. I just rested my tired and weary heart which I suppose is good but makes me feel bad because i'm not good with sitting still. I like being busy. I like constantly moving. But I need to learn to slow down before its too late and I'm sitting here too exhausted to think straight let alone move.